Private Family Mausoleums

For families who would prefer aboveground entombment, the private family mausoleums at Llano Cemetery are the easy choice. A mausoleum is an architectural tribute to a family’s heritage and legacy, and at Llano, our mausoleums are created by the world’s finest artisans. Our private family mausoleums are constructed on the most desirable and exclusive property within Llano Cemetery, and they provide the highest level of security, quality, and prestige.

Why Choose a Private Family Mausoleum?

While there are many great options at Llano Cemetery, private family mausoleums offer a wealth of benefits that may not be achieved with other burial methods. Some of the best benefits include:
  • Combination of full-size casket spaces and cremation niches
  • Keep your entire family together, even after death
  • Ability to personalize your own burial space
  • Complete privacy for your family after burial<
  • A piece of mind that the site will stay dry, clean, and safe, as private family mausoleums are located aboveground
  • Loved ones have a central location to visit that is personalized, comfortable and secure
These are just a few of the benefits of private family mausoleums, and if you are interested in learning more about this burial option, we are happy to help.

What Goes into Private Family Mausoleum Construction and Design?

Private family mausoleum construction can range from simple to elaborate. Family mausoleums tend to be more intricate because they need to house multiple family members. For this reason, they usually consist of several crypts or multiple chambers.
Design options can range from classical styles to more modern designs. Some design features may include:
  • Architectural additions, such as sconces, alcoves, and shelving
  • Colored stones
  • Multiple crypts and cremation niches
  • Decorative engravings and custom etchings
  • A seating or kneeling area for loved ones to meditate, pray and reflect
Regardless of what you are looking for in your private family mausoleum, we can help to make your vision a reality.
Consider your private family mausoleum to be your family’s own private sanctuary. With a family mausoleum at beautiful Llano Cemetery, you’ll get a comfortable and serene environment where families can visit with, pray for, and honor those that they love. Call us today to learn more about our private family mausoleums and whether they might be a good option to meet your needs.

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