Private Companion Mausoleums

Private companion mausoleums offer many of the desirable features of a private family mausoleum, but costs tend to be significantly lower. Families can design these granite mausoleums to reflect the interests and lives of their loved ones. At Llano Cemetery, we offer exclusive locations for the placement of these unique and beautiful memorial tributes.

Benefits of Companion Mausoleums

Entombment within a mausoleum is a good alternative to traditional underground burial. Mausoleum burial is becoming more popular than ever, as there are many benefits to this burial option:
  • Mausoleums provide a designated seating area for loved ones to sit, visit, pray, and reflect.
  • Aboveground burial is dryer and cleaner option than a traditional, underground burial.
  • Mausoleums appeal to people who don’t want to be cremated and those who are apprehensive about underground burial.
  • There is no need for
  • A sealer type casket
  • Outer burial container
  • Monument or Maker
  • Cremated Remains may be placed alongside a casket in the same crypt
  • A mausoleum is a good option for people who care about the environment, as private companion mausoleums can reduce the amount of land that is used for burial.
  • Mausoleums offer the opportunity to purchase family and companion units where loved ones can be entombed together.
  • A private companion mausoleum is cost-effective, as multiple people will be entombed at the same location.
If you are interested in learning more about private companion mausoleums and other aboveground burial options, give our office a call. Our helpful family services counselors are here to assist.

Companion Mausoleum Design Factors

Private companion mausoleum designs can be as simple or complex as you’d like. Companion mausoleums can offer several chambers and crypts to entomb multiple people, whether they are casket or cremated. Expertly crafted from solid granite, these mausoleums offer a beautiful option for aboveground entombment, and the stately building serves to celebrate the lives of the departed with dignity. Whether you prefer a modern design or enjoy more classical features, there are options available for you and your companions.
At Llano Cemetery, our private companion mausoleums offer an intimate final resting place for two or more people. Your loved one’s space can be personalized according to his or her desires or the family’s wishes. Call us today to learn more about these mausoleums and whether they are right for you or your loved one.

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