Natural Boulder Estates

If you are interested in a unique memorial for the cremated remains of a loved one who enjoyed the outdoors, a natural boulder estate may be a good solution. These cremation monuments allow families to place cremated remains in a natural setting that blends into the landscape. These boulders are then placed around Llano Cemetery’s Wildlife Pond, offering a beautiful and serene final resting place for the departed.

Choosing a Natural Boulder Estate

Cremation Boulders are an alternative to in-ground burial and scattering cremated remains. If your loved one has opted for cremation, but you would like the remains placed in a single location with special meaning, the cremated remains can be placed into a natural boulder estate for safe keeping and memorial.
Beautiful stone estates can help to create a rustic and peaceful tribute to the departed. Designs feature a cored area, and depending on the size of the estate, the boulder can accept one or multiple sets or cremated remains. The bronze cremation compartment is protected and covered, and a plaque will hold the information of your loved one.
With a natural boulder estate, family members will have a physical location to visit when they want to remember their lost loved one. There are few places more beautiful and serene than the wildlife pond at Llano Cemetery, and it serves as a wonderful location for peaceful reflection. The hope is that family members can feel close to their lost loved ones again and that they will leave the space with a sense of peace and harmony.

About Our Natural Boulder Estates

Our natural boulder estates offer the perfect way to memorialize a loved one. They are created out of native Texas Moss Rock, and each estate can hold up to six bronze urns. This allows entire families to remain together for eternity, even after cremation. In addition to placement along the wildlife pond, boulder monuments are strategically placed throughout Llano Cemetery and our beautiful gardens.
Cremation memorials like natural boulder estates are strong, long-lasting, and beautiful tributes to the departed. Your natural boulder estate will last for generations to come, preserving your family’s legacy and heritage. A perfect way to commemorate the nature lover in your life, we can help you to select the right natural boulder estate.
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