Monument Lots

If you wish to erect a monument on a gravesite, we have a variety of specific gardens in the cemetery that have been designated as “monument lots”. These specialized grave sites offer the space needed to accommodate a large monument that will mark your loved one’s final resting place. At Llano Cemetery, we offer monument lots throughout our 200-acre facility that can accommodate even the largest of monuments.

Why Choose a Monument?

You may wish to forgo a traditional headstone in favor of a grand monument. A monument for a loved one reflects their life, personality, and the love that you shared. It may be personalized and it is a special way to commemorate a life lived as well as a final resting place.

Selecting a Monument

When it is time to choose a monument for your lot, there are a few important factors to consider:
  • Type of monument. This refers to the shape, size, and stone finish of the monument. There are several different types of monuments, the most common of which include a tablet and base. The stone can also be carved into unique shapes that are symbolic to your family or loved one.
  • Material. Monuments are available in a variety of materials, although granite is easily the most common. Granite is hard, durable, and resistant to corrosion, so it will serve as a memorial to your loved one for centuries. 
  • Style. The final step in creating a monument, choosing a unique style will personalize your tribute. Decorative patterns, clip art, and unique symbols can create a one of a kind piece for your grave site. You can also customize names, dates, and other important information on your monument.
Choosing a monument is a personalized experience, and we can help you select one that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

About Our Monument Lots

At Llano Cemetery, we have monuments dating back for generations, and families today continue to select them for their grave sites. We offer multiple areas where traditional monuments may be used.
At Llano Cemetery, we want to help you to choose the right burial method for you or your loved one. If you are interested in a monument lot, please call us for more information. We’ll answer any questions that you might have to determine if a monument lot might be your best option.

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