In-Ground Cremation Burial

Families often choose to combine cremation with traditional ground burial. This may occur when a family already owns Llano Cemetery property or desires to have cremated remains placed near loved ones already buried here. In-ground burial of cremated remains offers all the benefits of cremation along with the tradition of an in-ground burial.

Reasons to Consider Cremation and In-Ground Burial

Cremation is on the rise, and there are a variety of factors that contribute to this trend. By identifying some of the major reasons that people are choosing this interment option, you can decide if it is the right option for you:
  • Cost. Cremation costs considerably less than traditional, in-ground burial, and by sharing plots, you can even further reduce the costs.
  • Flexibility. Cremation gives you more freedom in planning any final services. You can hold onto the remains in an urn at home until you are ready for the final burial.
  • Simplicity. For people who prefer a simple burial, cremation may be a sensible option.
  • Personalization. Cremation still allows for viewing before cremation and an in-ground burial ceremony. Celebrating your loved one’s life has no limitations.
  • Environment. In-ground burial of cremation remains takes up significantly less space in the earth than a traditional casket.

Burying Cremated Remains in a Cemetery Plot

Should you decide you want to bury cremated remains of your loved one in a grave, Llano Cemetery can accommodate your request. Since an urn containing cremated remains is significantly smaller than a casket, a single plot can be used to bury the remains of two people. This can be especially helpful if you already own a plot at Llano Cemetery and wish to bury cremated remains near a loved one.
In addition to placing the cremated remains underground, we’ll also provide you with a way to memorialize your loved one. We offer natural bronze, granite, and marble memorials for above ground placement. You may also add a vase to offer flowers to permanently remember the departed.
Choosing to bury cremated remains of your loved one on the beautiful property at Llano Cemetery will give your family a place to visit to reflect on memories of the past. If you’d like to learn more about in-ground cremation burial, give our office a call. We are happy to help.

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