Grass Flush Lots

If your burial plan involves gardens that aren’t obstructed by large headstones or monuments, our grass flush lots may be a good option for you. The grass flush lots at Llano Cemetery are designed to create spaces that offer a uniform, park-like setting. Ground-level grave markers remember your loved one, but, the lot takes on the appearance of a garden, park, meadow, or other natural setting. Grass flush lots are perfect for any nature lover who appreciates the quiet outdoors.

About Our Grass Flush Lots

Ground level memorials can be placed in our grass flush lots throughout Llano Cemetery. Offering scenic settings full of tall trees, lush grass, and greenery, we bathe generations the Amarillo Panhandle’s past in gentle shade and comfort. With over 200 acres of total space, there are plenty of options available for grass flush markers throughout the property.
Our grass flush grave markers allow visitors an unobstructed view of the beautiful grounds at Llano Cemetery. Highlighted by shade trees and impeccable landscaping, our grass flush graves offer a peaceful and serene resting place. Visitors also appreciate a sense of calm and serenity achieved by grass flush lots.

Choosing a Grass Flush Marker

Grass flush markers, which may also be called flat markers or footstones, are designed to be installed flat to the ground. Grass flush markers can be customized with lettering, photos, and designs to personalize the stone. Natural granite, bronze, and marble memorials are the most popular material types, and each option can create a beautiful memorial to the deceased.
Single flush markers are 24 inches long and 12 inches wide. Double markers are also available, and they are 48 inches long and 12 inches wide. A thickness of four inches is required to withstand the weight of cemetery equipment.
Whether your loved one has recently passed on or you are pre-planning for your own future burial, Llano Cemetery is here for you. With grass flush lots and a variety of other burial and cremation options available, we are here to help you make the right choice for your life, family, and final resting place. Give us a call today to learn more about our burial and cremation services.

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