Cremation Urns

For those families choosing cremation, Llano Cemetery carries a variety of cremation urns in many beautiful styles and designs. A cremation urn collects the remains of the departed, and it can be a unique and decorative way to remember a lost loved one.

Selecting a Cremation Urn and Jewelry

If you are in need of a cremation urn, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all of the options. For some people, the process of selecting a suitable cremation urn can even become distressing but keeping a few important considerations in mind can help.
  • Determine the size. Cremated remains usually weigh between three and seven pounds. They require 180-220 cubic inches of total capacity. At Llano Cemetery, we have experience in helping Panhandle residents to select the size of urn that is right for their needs and personalization.
  • Placement. The criteria that goes along with the size of the urn, as to choose the right urn, you’ll need to know where it will be placed. Your choice for a home mantel place urn might be different from one that is buried or placed in a glass front niche. At Llano Cemetery specifically, our cremation urns are placed in one of our many cremation memorialization choices: cremation estates, columbarium, glass front niche, cremation bench, in-ground interment. You might choose to keep a portion of your loved one’s cremated remains to place in a keepsake piece of jewelry.
  • Material quality. Urns and jewelry are made from many different types of materials. Most commonly, they are made from wood, brass, bronze, copper, and granite. Even glass, marble, and porcelain can be used to create a cremation urn, so you should consider your budget, preference, and placement when selecting a material quality. Jewelry is made from stainless steel for durability. For example, a wood urn might offer the rustic look that you desire, but it likely won’t hold up long-term if placed outdoors.
  • Design. Urn themes, styles, and designs are almost limitless. The right urn design will be defined first by the departed person’s personal wishes. If those wishes are unknown, family members can use their loved one’s passions, personality, hobbies, and special interests as a guide to find a style reflective of the departed. Urn and jewelry styles can include religious, patriotic, motifs, and a host of others. Remember when choosing a keepsake jewelry urn, you are creating an heirloom that transcends time.
  • Cost. Urns are available to meet any budget. Simply talk to one of our family services counselors, and we’ll help you to find the one that is right for your family.
Cremation urns are a beautiful way to honor the memory of a loved one who has passed on. Call us today to learn more about our urns and our other cremation memorialization choices.

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