Community Mausoleum

If your burial wishes include all the advantages of aboveground entombment at affordable prices, a community mausoleum may be right for you. A community mausoleum is sometimes referred to as a public mausoleum, and it consists of an aboveground building that memorializes multiple individuals. A clean and comfortable burial location, community mausoleums will allow you to rest in peace alongside your Amarillo friends, family, and neighbors.

Memorialize Your Loved One in a Community Mausoleum

A community mausoleum is an affordable internment option that is only a fraction of the cost of a private family mausoleum. If you are interested in community mausoleum internment, several factors will be considered:
  • The space location or crypt in a community mausoleum, including location level
  • Choice of single or two-person companion crypts
  • Selection of the crypt plate, which is a flat, bronze memorial that is installed in front of the crypt
Community mausoleums can contain dozens of crypts or more, and just like a traditional, in-ground burial, you’ll need to select a specific crypt.

Benefits of Community Mausoleums

Community mausoleums have many benefits beyond price, and identifying them can help you decide if this internment option is right for you or your loved one:
  • Clean. The casket is not exposed to underground elements.
  • Dry. Since the casket is entombed within a crypt, the burial site will always remain dry.
  • Eco-friendly. As previously noted, a single community mausoleum can house dozens of crypts, and this dramatically reduces the amount of land needed. This makes a community mausoleum a good choice for people who care about the environment.
  • No upkeep. While the grounds at Llano Cemetery go through meticulous upkeep, this is even less of a concern with community mausoleums. Ongoing maintenance costs are not an issue with this type of internment.
  • Casket does not have to be a sealer type.
  • No outer burial container. Casket not exposed to sub-soil elements
  • Cremated Remains. Cremated remains can also be placed in community mausoleums.
If your burial wishes include aboveground internment in a secure location that easily fits within your budget, a community mausoleum may be a good option. Call our office today to speak to one of our family service counselors about our public mausoleums. We’ll help you and your family to make the best decision for a final resting place.

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