Community Columbarium

Cremation niches are available in Llano Cemetery’s Garden Columbarium. These natural granite niches provide a beautiful and permanent memorialization option, and they are very affordable. As cremation increases in popularity, more people are choosing community columbaria as a final resting place for the cremated remains of their loved ones.

What is a Columbarium?

The term columbarium originates from ancient Roman structures that were created with compartmentalized roof structures. While those chambers may have been intended to house birds, today’s modern columbarium houses cremated remains. Most echo the compartmentalized design of early buildings, with walls of compartments to hold individual urns. Those compartments are also known as niches.
For interment in a columbarium, you’ll need an urn. These decorative, personal containers hold cremated remains, and they can be personalized to honor the individual’s legacy. During interment, the urn will be placed into a niche. In some cases, two urns can be housed within a single niche.

Reasons to Consider the Community Columbarium

If you are considering placing an urn inside of a community columbarium, there are several benefits to consider:
  • A memorable and meaningful burial. Panhandle residents share their lives with each other as well as the community. For this reason, it is appropriate to have a permanent final resting place amongst friends on community grounds. Llano Cemetery’s Garden Columbarium allows the Amarillo community to celebrate the departed, support those left behind, and honor the family’s legacy.
  • Affordable. On its own, cremation is a very affordable interment option, but use of a columbarium can even further reduce the costs. No land plot, headstone, or casket will be required.
  • Flexible. If you bypass a traditional burial and funeral service in favor of cremation, you’ll be free to hold a memorial service whenever is convenient. In turn, this flexibility will further help with costs, and you won’t feel pressured to make any split-second decisions.
  • Reflection. With a community columbarium, loved ones will have a physical location on the Llano Cemetery grounds to visit when they want to feel close to their departed loved one. This provides the opportunity to sit, relax, and reflect on memories of the past.
As you consider the end-of-life options for yourself or for a loved one, be sure to gather all information needed to make the best possible decisions. If you are unsure whether cremation and a community columbarium is the right choice, give us a call to learn more.

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