Cemetery Map

Llano Cemetery historical markers, features, memorials, and cemetery gardens

1. Small Obelisk
2. Small Obelisk
3. Large Obelisk
4. The Four Gospels
5. Marble Praying Hands Statue
6. Marble Gazebo
7. The Four Chaplains Memorial
8. Marble Crucifixion Statue
9. Historical Chime Tower
10. Garden Mausoleums & Columbarium

11. Historic Cottage
12. Administration Offices
13. Tranquility Gazebo
14. The Four Chaplains Memorial
15. Marble Veterans Memorial
16. Pantheon Mausoleum
17. Pioneer Family Marble Statue
18. Garden of Friends Memorial
19. Lance Corporal Thomas E. Creek
(Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient)

20. Resurrection Mosaic
21. Christ Praying at Gethsemane
22. Law Enforcement Memorial
23. Veterans and Service Branch Memorials
24. Garden of Devotion Mausoleum & Columbaria
25. J.O. Guleke Historical Marker
26. James Nathan Browning Historical Marker
27. Trellis Columbarium – North
28. Trellis Columbarium – South
29. Patriots Plaza

The Only Non Profit Cemetery in Amarillo

Llano Cemetery is owned 100% by our property owners. We own and operate our own monument shop with a complete selection of custom bronze, granite & marble memorials.
Llano Cemetery is honored to be the final resting place for over 7,000 veterans. We have special "Veterans Packages" with discounted pricing.

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