Avenue of Flags

Memorial to Your Veteran

Historic Llano Cemetery began its Avenue of Flags Memorial Day 2014 with the raising of the first military flag in honor of Lance Corporal Joshua C. Alonzo along with his Gold Star mother, Alice Alonzo.
The Avenue of Flags will be held in conjunction with every Memorial Day to honor our Fallen Heroes.

Growing Over The Years

In the following years, we have added over 168 Veteran Flags from around the country and each year we hope to add more Fallen Heroes Memorials.

Personalized Memorial to your Veteran

The Avenue of Flags is truly a personalized memorial to your Veteran and we invite you to join in this special tribute by donating (or purchasing) a Government-Issued casket flag and pole. Every Memorial Day weekend to come, Llano Cemetery will raise these donated flags in specially designated areas in the cemetery. Each flag pole will bear a metal tag with the name of your Veteran, their rank and branch of service along with their birth and death dates. Maps of flag locations will be provided each year so that family and friends can easily locate a specific Veteran's flag.

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