Veteran Spaces

Designated Veteran Spaces

The staff at Llano Cemetery believe it is a great honor in assisting veterans and their families. Whether you are a veteran who is planning for the future or you are the family member of a veteran, choosing a respectful and dignified final resting place is essential. Our experienced staff is here for you, and we’ll help you to explore your burial options in one of our designated veteran spaces.

Field of Valor and Field of Freedom

Our 200-acre property at Llano Cemetery includes the Field of Valor and the Field of Freedom. These sites are specifically designed for our veterans, and spaces are also available for military spouses and other family members. These veteran gardens provide visitors with a quiet respite conveniently located in the Panhandle of Texas, allowing loved ones to visit at any time.

Patriots Plaza

Patriots Plaza has a large concrete commons area in the center of Field of Freedom with walkways leading to it from the roadways. Placed within this commons area are solid granite cremation columbaria niches. In the exact center of Patriots Plaza is a 60-foot flag pole flying a 10’ x 15’ American Flag.
Surrounding the base of the flagpole is a pentagonal granite foundation, with each side holding a large bronze emblem of the five services branches: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard.

The Avenue of Flags

Another unique benefit for veterans buried at Llano Cemetery is the Avenue of Flags. This tradition began on Memorial Day 2014 in honor of Lance Corporal Joshua Alonzo. Since then, the Avenue of Flags has been held in conjunction with each Memorial Day to honor our fallen heroes.
Family members are invited to participate in this special tribute in honoring their loved one no matter where the veteran is buried. Each flag pole bears a metal tag listing the veteran’s name, rank, and branch of service, as well as their dates of birth and death. This is just another wonderful way that you can honor your deceased loved one and his/her sacrifice to this country throughout the year.

Veteran Benefits for Burial in a Private Cemetery

Veterans’ benefits aren’t just available to veterans who are buried in national or state cemeteries. Certain benefits are also available for burials in private cemeteries, and these may include:
  • Government headstone, medallion, or marker
  • Burial flag
  • Presidential Memorial Certificate
  • Military Burial ceremonies with rifle team, color guard and flag presentation
Some veterans may be eligible for government-issued burial allowances, and at Llano Cemetery, we always offer our veteran spaces at a reduced cost to make our services even more affordable. Veterans Administration benefits are not available to dependents and spouses buried in private cemeteries, but discounts coupled with our pre-planning services can help to keep burial costs low.
At Llano Cemetery, we’ve always placed high importance upon honoring the men and women who’ve served in our country’s armed forces. The distinctive gardens that make up our veteran spaces are created to be serene and we work hard to make them a special place where any veteran would be proud to rest in peace. Call us today for more information.

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