Monument Shop

Llano Cemetery owns and operates its own monument shop located on our cemetery grounds. We have helped thousands of families throughout the years create personalized and unique markers and monuments.

Llano is very unique in that being a not-for-profit, lot-owners association you can purchase the highest quality markers, monuments, and vases at favorable prices and pay no sales tax. When you buy from Llano, all profits go toward the care and development of the cemetery, not into the pocket of an owner or company.

Our experienced staff can create beautiful custom designs to your wishes, allowing each family to have a unique monument or marker that represents the life of their loved ones.

Laser-etching or ceramic cameos can be added to create the ultimate personalized tribute.

All Llano memorials carry our eternal guarantee on material defects and workmanship. Llano Cemetery is everlasting and will be here forever to care for your memorial and your family. No other memorial dealer or monument shop can make that promise or guarantee.

Llano Cemetery employees work with many different tools and equipment to create custom designs for families who want to personalize monuments for their loved ones.

After the custom stencil is designed and hand-cut, it is placed on the marker or monument by the worker in preparation of the sand blasting (or engraving process) process. The engraving process takes between thirty-five minutes to an hour in what took stone cutters all day to do with a hammer and chisel. Jim Evans and Ruben Romo have over 30 years of combined experience working in the monument shop. If you ask what their favorite part of the job is they will each answer, “Making the family happy!”

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