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No Timeline

It’s helpful to know that finding support from a variety of grief support resources is perfectly healthy and normal. It’s normal because grief is the natural response to the loss of someone we love. If we didn’t love, we wouldn’t grieve. Even our tears are evidence of that love. And, it’s healthy because talking to supportive people, reading helpful books, and interacting with good online resources can help pull us out of the isolation that we sometimes allow ourselves to get into when we mourn.
No matter what we hear from others, there is no “timeline” that dictates when we should be “over” our grief. We don’t “get over” a significant loss. We learn to cope with it, adjust to life in new ways, and incorporate the good memories into our journey – but we don’t have to “forget and move on.” And, there is no “blueprint” for our grief – no right and wrong way to grieve and mourn. Be easy on yourself and keep looking until you find the right people, books, and online resources which will help you deal with your grief. Remember – it’s your natural response to your loss.
Danny Mize
Retired Bereavement Leader and Chaplain
Amarillo, Texas

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