About In-Ground Burials

In-ground burial is a common and familiar type of cemetery interment. Traditional in-ground burials involve interment of a casket. The casket containing the body of the deceased is then placed into an outer burial container or vault where it is covered with soil.

In-Ground Burial Components

An in-ground burial typically consists of the same important components:
  • Casket. A casket holds the deceased during viewing, funeral service and burial. It will be placed into an outer burial container during burial.
  • Outer Burial Container. The outer burial container is made of concrete or metal and acts as the protective enclosure of the casket. It serves as the outer receptacle that protects the casket from both the weight of the earth and maintenance equipment that will pass over the gravesite.
  • Gravesite. Sometimes known as burial or funeral plots, the gravesite will be covered with soil and sod to provide loved ones an area to visit, remember and place flowers.
  • Memorial. The memorial is a monument or marker that is installed at the gravesite to identify your family member. Memorial options vary from flat markers to large, upright granite or marble monuments.
These components combined can create a beautiful and respectful in-ground burial service that will bring closure and peace to your family.

Why Choose In-Ground Burial?

With so many different factors to consider, choosing a burial option is often a difficult decision. A traditional in-ground burial is one of the most popular options, and there are several benefits to consider with this method of interment:
  • Tradition. Many people choose in-ground burial to maintain family or religious traditions.
  • Burial near family members. For people who wish to stay connected to their families after death, in-ground burial may be a good choice. In-ground burial allows loved ones to be buried beside one another.
  • A place to visit. In-ground burial allows loved ones a physical place to visit when they wish to reminisce or feel close to their loved one.
Located within historic Llano Cemetery’s 200 acres are several different types of in-ground burial gardens, lots, and spaces designed to meet the desires, traditions, and budgets of all families. Traditional in-ground burials can be quite affordable with preplanning. Call us today to learn more about in-ground burial services and let us help you to make the burial decision that is right for you.

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