About Cremation

Many families today are choosing cremation services as an alternative to traditional burial. However, it’s important to remember that the permanent placement and memorialization of your loved one’s cremated remains is essential in creating a lasting memorial and tribute to their life. It serves as a place for future generations to come and remember and honor; a place to say hello and a place to say goodbye.

What Is Cremation?

When a body is cremated, the remains are vaporized and burned at high temperatures, leaving behind only cremated remains. Cremation isn’t a substitute for a memorial service or funeral, and when it comes to creating a commemorative experience, choosing cremation may even increase your options.

Why Do People Choose Cremation?

Making final arrangements is a personal choice that you can make for yourself or for a loved one. While religious beliefs may dictate whether cremation is an option for some, many other people are choosing cremation for its wonderful benefits:
  • Flexibility. Cremation allows families more time to plan a personalized memorial service. Any time constraints associated with burial are eliminated. This extra time allows for a well-planned, no-rush approach to memorial planning.
  • Options. As cremation does allow more time to plan a personalized memorial service, for someone who would prefer a simple ceremony, cremation can do just that.
  • Choices.  There are still opportunities to have casket viewings prior to cremation, allowing you to have additional time with your loved one before cremation; then planning memorial services as simple or as elaborate as you choose when the time arrives.
  • Urns. A variety of urns and keepsake jewelry is available to suit the desires or you and your loved one.
  • Environment. Traditional burial takes up a lot of space in the earth. Cremation is generally considered more eco-friendly and “green” than traditional burial.
While religious and family traditions are still very important, many people are moving away from traditionalism. Instead, cremation allows loved ones to celebrate their departed friend or family member in a personal and unique way.

What Happens After Cremation?

After cremation, choosing what to do with the cremains is up to you. Many people appreciate placing the cremains in a permanent, central location. This gives loved ones the opportunity to memorialize and reflect in a peaceful and serene place. At Llano Cemetery, we offer a variety of burial and placement options for cremated remains:
Whether you are pre-planning for your own future or making arrangements for your loved one, we are here to help. Call us today to learn more about our cremation options.

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